Shrimp that tastes
and feels right

Sweet taste, firm consistency

Our shrimp are given the best diet and sustainable management through their live cycle.
That´s why they taste better and sweeter than any other shrimp

Receive the product hours of being harvested.

Follow their journey from the farm to your kitchen with open and transparent information

Be sure your customers delight with the most fresh & sustainable shrimp

Save time & money; we give you FRESH shrimp already peeled &deveined.

Keep them refrigerated and enjoy unparalleled freshness up to 10 days. How? Learn more

The purity of our shrimp flavor opens a new set of culinary horizons.

We give you and excepctional product for you to create the most amazing dishes.

Raw shrimp served as carpaccio / Sashimi / Agua chile / Gambas al ajillo